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We met while living and working in Barcelona, Spain. Which is where we fell in love and decided to move in together after being in a relationship for only four months, and that is where our story starts. We moved in together so we could start saving up for our “big” trip, you see Bob (being the world traveler that he is), always had a dream of going to Australia for a year and explore more of that part of the world, somehow he managed to convince Giorgia (who by then had never been outside Europe) of the crazy idea to join him.
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While traveling, we met so many people that mentioned they wanted to live our life (It ain’t always as glorious as it looks), but they didn’t know how to do it or where to start. To be frank, we’ve been doing this for a few years now and we also have no clue. But one thing is sure, you just have to go for it. Many people have an excuse not to do it, usually because they fear stepping out of their comfort zone. Stepping over that first part is all up to you, only you can push yourself to that extent. For those who do, we want to be there to help, because we do have lots of experience, traveling and living in different countries. We want to share our passion for it, and any tips and tricks we can come up, because there are plenty of smart ways to go about it.

That is, in short, the reason we started Ourtravelfeet. To help others, to educate and to inspire them with our travels and stories. We are thankful for everyone of you who has been a part of it from the beginning, it has grown already beyond expectation, and of course we salute all newcomers!

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