Our 5 Favourite Spots in the Dolomites

Our 5 Favourite Spots in the Dolomites

If you love incredible and epic mountain formations, stunning views and gorgeous blue lakes you need to head to the Dolomites (Italy). There's no specific season, as any season here is just simply fantastic and of course they all offer a different experience. We visited this gorgeous place can in the Fall and really enjoyed it. Here's a little list of the locations we really enjoyed in the Dolomites and around:

1. Val di Funes

The views from this little town are so good, you've got the green rolling hills with a beautiful mountain range as a backdrop. Photography is best late afternoon as the sun goes down and hits those mountain peaks with pure goodness. Early mornings can work out to be a great option as well. You'll find most photographers hurdled up in front of what is probably the most photographed mountain church, but you can easily come a bit back into town and go up in the hills to get yourself some perfect views from a little grass plateau.



2. Lago di Carezza

This lake has got a lot going for it. It's such a gorgeous blue lake surrounded by plenty of green pines, but then it also has this wonderful mountain in the background. Visit this lake at any time, but with sun it'll work out best as the blues from the lake really pop. There's a path that runs around the whole lake so plenty of good angles to be had.

3. Tre Cime di Lavaredo

This spot requires a bit of hiking, I believe it took us about 3 hours to do the whole round. It's not a challenging hike whatsoever but it's at a bit of an altitude so be aware that it can be cooler and weather tends to change real quick. If you want to get to these old world war II caves you'll need to hike to Rifugio Locatelli and a bit higher behind there you'll find some of the first caves.

4. Lago di Braies

You haven't been to South Tyrol if you haven't visited the world famous Lago di Braies. Especially since the rise of Instagram this place has gotten more popular than it already was. We doubted for a while whether we should go here as we mostly like to stay away from the crowds. But felt like we had to stop by for a moment. And no matter how crowded it is, and the fact that they make you pay for parking now, it is still very beautiful and we would still recommend everyone to visit. There isn't really a best time of day as it's always crowded (except for cold rainy/snowy winter days) so probably get there early if you can.

5. Seceda-2500m

Probably the most intense view in the Dolomites, with it's edged and razor sharp peaks it's one of the most majestic mountain ranges in this area. There are two ways to get up there, the easy way: by mountain lift, and the hard way: by foot... We chose to take the lift and it brings you right to the view point. From there it's really nice to walk around and get some different angles. But also the surrounding views are great. Again, for photography the light is most dramatic early morning and late afternoon, but you can still get great shots and views during the day as well.

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